Coventry Machinists Co.

The Coventry Machinists Co. was the first British company that started manufacturing bicycles. They started in 1879 with boneshakers in the Michaux style, mostly sold under the name of Turner. 
In the 1870's and 1880's they were market leader in England, with a not so wide range of quality bicycles.
CMC's always have some characteristic details that make them quite easy to recognise.
CMC ordinary 1871
 CMC Spider 1871-72
 CMC Gentleman's 1875
CMC gentleman's 1876

CMC Gentleman's 1877

CMC Gentleman's 1878  

CMC Club 1878

  CMC Club 1879
 CMC Club 1880 (3 bikes)

CMC Club 1881


 CMC Special Club c 1881

 CMC Special Club 1884

 Universal Club 1885
 Universal Club no.2  '85

 CMC King of Clubs